BMI Grid Tied Solar Kit 3kW

The BMI™ system can either reduce your energy bill or become the main source of electricity for your home. The BMI™ is a grid tied photovoltaic system and the BMI plus includes battery backup which can provide you with electricity during load shedding.

With the BMI™ Kits you can produce 40 to 95% of your electricity and save R 0.50 to R 1.50 per kWh (unit). By reducing dependency on conventional electricity supplies.

Category: SKU: SMA-SB-3000TL-21


1 SMA SB 3000TL-21
12 SunRise SR-P660 250W
24,8 Support profile TF50+; 3100mm
24 Roof hook standard S+
24 Connecting element RH-Profile
20 Middle clamp G3 30-50mm
12 Outer clamp G3 40mm
6 Joint connector TF50+ / TF50-m
1 Flange head screw 8×100-A2 (50pcs)
100 IBC FlexiSun 1x4mm² PVI-F / per 1m
6 MC4-plug PV-KST 4/6l
6 MC4-socket PV-KBT 4/6l